Cymatics Black Friday Ultimate Bundle

By | November 20, 2020

Cymatics Black Friday Ultimate Bundle

Cymatics Black Friday Ultimate Bundle



GEMS VOL. 13 – Classic Melodies

Vol. 13 of our Classic Gems collection truly captures the feeling and authenticity you get when you sample straight off of a vinyl record.

We wanted to encapsulate the sound of classic hip-hop, without having to actually dig through crates to achieve it.

The melodies inside are designed to pair with swinging, off the grid drums, capturing that classic vibe of old school hip-hop.

GEMS VOL. 14 – Lofi Melodies

There’s no question that Lofi has easily become one of the most popular sub-genres of Hip-Hop.

From dreamy chords to wavy pads, our Lofi GEMS pack really captures the imperfect aesthetic of the popular sub-genre.

So the team put together a collection of many different lofi styles to play with, all capturing the dream-like vibe of Lofi.

GEMS VOL. 15 – Dark Trap Melodies

Some of the biggest songs in the Hip-Hop game fall under the Dark Trap sub-genre, from producers like Murda Beatz, Cubeatz and more.

Our Dark Trap collection is packed full of evil and dark sounding melodies, perfect for pairing with heavy drums and huge 808s.

This is our go-to melody pack if you’re looking to make hard hitting trap music for artists such as Future, Migos, Comethazine, etc.

GEMS VOL. 16 – Nostalgic Melodies

With our Nostalgic GEMS collection, we aimed to capture the feeling you get when a song takes you to a special place or time in your head.

And this pack captures that exact vibe…

With a wide variety of different keys to play with, our goal was to give you some the best melodies for creating complete nostalgia inducing tracks

THUNDER – 808 Kit

These are some of our heaviest 808’s ever, but at the same time they’re easily the most unique 808s we’ve ever made.

Each 808 in this pack truly has its own identity, each one fit for a variety of different styles and uses musically.

Inside you’ll find a ton of different heavily distorted 808s, all optimized for making banger tracks.

SHIMMER – FX Sample Pack

FX is crucial for bringing your track together and adding life/energy throughout it.

Our production team put together the go-to pack for any FX you would need for any track, regardless of genre or style. Every FX sample inside was created to seamlessly fit into your music, adding a subtle touch of creative energy.

You’ll get everything you need in one place including risers, reverse fx, impacts, ambience, and much more.

FLAVOR – Drum Loops

FLAVOR is packed full and top drum loops, all unconventional and perfect for creating a unique identity in your music.

The team put this pack together with the idea of making the ultimate drum resource for taking your tracks to a completely different level.

So if you’re a producer who likes to experiment with their sound and play with different swings and pockets, this pack is for you.

CARTEL – Hip Hop Drum Kit

From massive 808s and kicks to perfectly sharp snares and claps, Cartel has all of the drum sounds you need for creating a banger record.

And these are easily some of the heaviest hitting drums that our team of sound designers have ever put together.

Cartel includes tons of kicks, 808s, snares, hats, percs, drum loops, and much more!


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